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Warrior’s Destiny by Claire Conrad


Princess and powerful sorceress, Kamara Lonriev went to great lengths to escape her planet undetected to hunt her cousin’s killer.  After months of posing as the Slave Empress, the notorious and highest priced courtesan on Tantra 9, her prey draws near, unable to resist her promised perversions, or the deep well of her magic, power the evil parasite needs to sustain his immortal life.

Royal Crown Sentinel Tobiath is being hunted for a murder he did not commit.  He walks and no one sees him. He watches and none notice his presence. He infiltrates spy rings, executes criminals, hunts the truth… and no one remembers his face. To his people, he is less than an insect, less than a ghost. Spy and assassin for his government, he is immune to magic. And so he moves, flows, and drifts anywhere and everywhere. Unseen and forgotten.

Blood bound to his charge at her birth, Tobiath is the only one who knows the truth, the princess’s cousin is still very much alive, prisoner of an ancient and malevolent enemy.  Honor bound to both rescue his charge and save the headstrong Kamara from her own machinations, he infiltrates the Slave Empress’s lair and takes her captive.  Evil hunts them both.  Tobiath can’t afford distractions.  But how can he resist a woman he would die to possess, but is forbidden to touch?