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The SEAL’s Captive Bride by Sue Lyndon


In the aftermath of a horrendous war, former SEAL Rick Stanford catches a pretty little thief
sneaking around the settlement he’s been charged to protect. Rather than see the petite brunette
tried for her crimes, he protects Ally in the best way he knows how—by claiming the reluctant
young woman as his wife. He’s been longing for a female to call his own for quite some time,
and now that he’s found Ally, he’ll never let her go.

The whole world has gone to hell, and Ally can’t believe her only option for survival is to marry
a complete stranger. She soon discovers her new husband is firm but fair. He promises to keep
her safe, but he also promises to spank her bare bottom when she disobeys him. Though she
wasn’t the most willing of brides, Ally can’t help but admire her ruggedly handsome and kind
husband, and she longs for him to thoroughly claim her for the first time. But can she truly find
love with the tough former SEAL who demands her obedience?